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How You Know It Is Time to Get Your Hearing Checked

What Did You Say?

If you find yourself asking that question to people on a regular basis then you may have a hearing problem. It can get frustrating for you and your loved ones. Don't let it hold you back from participating in conversations. Get your hearing checked.

You Miss Things Your Wife, Kids, or Grandkids Say

When hearing becomes impaired, not every frequency range goes at the same time. Higher frequencies used in speech, especially by women and children, are generally the first to go. If you are only having trouble picking up words when women or kids speak, it's a good sign that you need a hearing exam.

Everyone Turns to Look But You

Picture yourself in a restaurant, enjoying a meal with some nice conversation. Suddenly you realize that everyone's head is turned the same way. You look over to find a waitress picking up shattered dishes from the floor. Apparently, everyone heard it but you. The problem could be that all background noises are starting to sound the same to you, so you didn't pick out the breaking dishes from everything else that was going on around you. If you can't pick out specific background sounds, even when you try to, then a hearing exam is in order.

You Have to Be Facing the Person Speaking

It's always good to pay attention to someone who is talking to you, but if you suddenly discover that you can't look away and still hear what they are saying, then you may have started reading lips to try and fill in the gaps in what you are hearing. Sometimes a person may start to do this without even realizing it. If you've realized that you're picking up what people say from their lips and body language instead of actually hearing them, don't assume that's good enough and forget about going for a hearing exam.

Your Neighbors Are Banging on the Wall

Is your television or music turned up so loud that you are getting complaints from the neighbors? Unless you're playing it that loud on purpose and having wild parties, the problem may just be that you don't realize just how much you've cranked up the volume. Hearing loss is a gradual process. You don't have your volume at a normal setting one day and maxed the next. Your neighbors may notice the difference before you realize how much louder you've had to make things.

Frequent Misunderstandings

You may not be asking people what they said, but you may be responding with an answer that doesn't match the question or an emotion that doesn't add up to what you were just told. Letters like F and S often get confused. The T sound can also be confused for the sound a P makes and vice versa. It can add up to some awkward conversations.

Don't try to make due without one of your five senses. A complete hearing exam doesn't take long. If you are experiencing any of the problems noted above, get your hearing check today.