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The 10 Most Common Consequences of Hearing Loss – Fri, Jun 24th 2016

Hearing loss can strike anyone at any time in their lives. It might be related to exposure to loud noises, but it could also be related to a medical condition, head trauma and…

How You Know It Is Time to Get Your Hearing Checked – Wed, Jun 10th 2015

What Did You Say?
If you find yourself asking that question to people on a regular basis then you may have a hearing problem. It can get frustrating for you and your loved ones….

Can Hearing Loss Prematurely Age Your Mind? – Wed, Jun 10th 2015

That is the question that a group of researchers from John Hopkins University set out to discover the answer to by means of a 11 year long study that pitted normal hearing…

4 Reasons Hearing Aids Don't Work – Wed, Jun 10th 2015

“These hearing aids aren’t worth a darn!” I have heard this a few times from patients of other practices as well as from friends whose family purchased hearing aids…

3 Patients That Love Their Hearing Aids – Wed, Jun 10th 2015

The Full Time Wearer
The full time wearer can be described as a creature of habit that is intent on improving his quality of life. Typically, he will put his hearing aids on…

5 Misconceptions about Hearing Loss – Wed, Jun 10th 2015

For years, stigma has been attached to hearing loss. While it would be impossible to rewrite our society’s view of this disability and its treatment options, it is my hope…