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Our Hearing Professionals

David Rhodes

David Rhodes has been dispensing hearing instruments since 1982. His specialties include: Severe to profound hearing loss, optical (eyeglass) hearing instruments, CROS and BICROS fittings, high frequency hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, water-proof hearing instruments, open fittings, and Illinois Medicaid. David enjoys: spending time with his family, snowboarding, fishing, water skiing, billiards. As the practice owner his responsibilities include: manufacturer negotiations, state regulation compliance, payroll, fiscal calendar budgeting, policies, pricing, and most of all ensuring a consistently premier standard of care.

Caleb Rhodes

Caleb Rhodes studied with Western Kentucky Technical and Community College and Parkland College in Champaign Illinois with a focus on hearing instrument sciences. He began assisting the hearing impaired in 2003 and received his hearing instrument specialist license in 2008. Caleb’s specialties include: Severe to profound hearing loss, invisible deep canal fittings, CROS and BICROS fittings, reverse slope hearing loss, multi-manufacturer programming, induction loop compatible hearing instruments, Bluetooth compatible hearing instruments, and FM compatible instruments. His responsibilities include: inventory control, public relations, advertising, online communications. Caleb enjoys: traveling, spending time with his nephew (the next generation!!), aquarium husbandry, wakeboarding, snowboarding, water skiing, swimming, fishing, volleyball, and caring for his dog George!

Joshua Rhodes

Joshua Rhodes has a Bachelor's degree in speech pathology and audiology from Western Kentucky University. After studying with a focus on hearing loss and hearing instrument sciences, he pursued his hearing instrument specialist license. Joshua has been a licensed hearing instrument specialist since 2007. Joshua’s specialties include: High frequency hearing loss, custom hearing instruments, invisible deep canal fittings, waterproof hearing instruments, Bluetooth compatible hearing instruments, and open fittings. He enjoys: spending time with his devoted wife Jessica Rhodes, golfing, billiards, snowboarding, water skiing, and wakeboarding. His responsibilities include accounts payable, equipment calibration.

Kathy Rhodes
Accounts Manager

Kathy Rhodes has worked on and off in the industry since 1979 and is a crucial part of our team. Her responsibilities include: accounts receivable, financing, office management, customer relations, manufacturer billing. Kathy enjoys: snowboarding, traveling, water skiing, camping, volleyball, and biking. David and Kathy have been happily married since 1976.

Stephanie Rhodes
Office Manager

Stephanie Lee has been assisting the hearing impaired since 2005. She studied at Western Kentucky Community and Technical College. She enjoys: spending time with her son Owen Lee and her loving husband Joel Lee, snowboarding, water skiing, traveling, caring for her Chihuahua-Daschund Penny, and helping others. Stephanie’s responsibilities include: customer relations, commercial insurance billing, state insurance billing, patient inquires, patient scheduling.

George Rhodes

George has been our spokes dog since 2007. He is a Shih Tzu Terrier mix. He enjoys long naps during the day, swimming at the lake, chasing squirrels, and belly rubs. Dehydrated and malnourished, George came into our family in the summer of 2007 as a rescue. Thankfully Ceglinski animal clinic was able to bring him back from the brink and he has been with us ever since!

Halford & Mary Rhodes

The Rhodes Family has been devotedly improving quality of life for the hearing impaired since 1953. Halford Rhodes began as a door-to-door salesman for hearing instruments in 1953. In 1954 he was doing house calls in Tennessee when a patient’s daughter caught his eye. Eight days later Mary Starbuck became Mary Rhodes, thus began her long career of helping the hearing impaired. We dearly love and miss the first generation of the Rhodes Hearing family.